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In January 1954 land was purchased by the Village Hall Association

with funds raised by local residents and societies.

Construction of the hall commenced in October 1958. By June 1959

the building was completed. The stage and dressing rooms were

added at a later date.


The hall is held in trust for the use of the residents of Claygate and

the neighbouring area and is administered by a board of trustees

representing local organisations and residents.

The annual general meeting is held in May when the finances and

running of the association are examined. This meeting is open

to everyone, Claygate residents are encouraged to attend and

vote on issues relating to the hall. The day to day running of the hall is financed entirely from letting income. Grants have been received for specific projects.

About The Hall

Recent Developments

In 2020 major renovation and replacement of the toilet facilities was carried out with the help of a grant from the Claygate Parish Council. In addition both the exterior and interior of the building has been redecorated and the kitchen has been refreshed. A toilet has been installed for the small hall users which is particularly helpful for preschool groups using the small hall and contributes to their health and safety. Necessary and required changes have been made throughout the Village Hall to follow the guidance and rules for use during the coronavirus pandemic, contributing to all users’ safety.

In Spring 2023, once again with the help of a grant from the Claygate Parish Council, we started a programme of energy conservation by installing insulation in the roof and walls of the main hall.



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